Work Packages:

WP1 Scenarios for the Austrian energy demand 2020 The goal of this work package is to give an overview of the Austrian and European energy scenarios and to calculate the Austrian energy demand in 2020 under four different scenarios.

WP2 Marginal cost curves in Austria for Renewable Energy TechnologiesThe central objective of this WP is a sectoral description of marginal cost curves for renewable energy production in Austria. While consolidated literature for RES potential is available for Austria, the associated costs are only fragmented available. Here the project contributes to research needs, by elaborating consistent potential-cost curves for Austria.

WP3 Impact, design and conditions for implementation of the RES Mechanisms The aim of this work package is to analyze in detail the incentive structures of the three flexible mechanisms and to identify possible barriers to, and frameworks that will be needed for successful implementation.

WP4 Scenarios for the expansion of renewable energy sources in the EU with a focus on Austria The central goal of this work package is the elaboration of scenarios (domestic achievement only, use of one or more of the flexible RES mechanisms) to meet the future RES targets in Austria with the help the energy simulation model Green-X. The simulation includes different assumptions of an increase of RES sources in Europe and of final energy demand.

WP5 Macroeconomic ModelingThis WP will expand the analysis of WP4 to also include economic feedback effects triggered by each scenario with the help of a CGE model. Information will be gained on net employment effects, net public finance implications, net foreign trade balance effects etc. Finally, monetized co-benefits or co-costs of these scenarios will be quantified to allow a final and comprehensive evaluation.

WP6 Expert- and Stakeholder dialogue The objectives of this WP is to involve European and national experts and thus to integrate the research project into related research of other European research institution. As special role will be assigned to scientific advisor board. A second major objective of this WP is to involve Austrian stakeholders and policymakers.


Assessing flexibility mechanisms for achieving the Austrian 2020 renewable energy targets „ReFlex“

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